Continued due to success!!  


Our last year’s wellness event received many positive comments so we decided to continue our health and wellness events this year!

The theme of this event will be “staying healthy in Summer”

Similar to the previous event, this event will provide the opportunity to learn about holistic health , homeopathy and healthy nutrition through interactive mini workshops and fun activities:

*Natural/ Homeopathic first aid with Mahsa Asasi, Classical Homeopath
*Cooking demo with Kathy Maraz, Holistic Nutritionist
*Music and mindfulness practice
*Raffle prizes and of course,
*Natural and healthy refreshments

  • In our natural first aid mini workshop:

Mahsa will discuss about how you can prepare a natural/homeopathic first aid kit to have at home or take with you for summer vacation!
( Homeopathic medicine can produce a dramatic improvement in acute conditions such as physical injuries, accidents, burns, sting-bites, motion sickness, etc. they are safe for all the ages including infants, pregnant and breast feeding women.)

  • In our summer cooking demo:

Kathy will demonstrate you how to create healthy gluten free summer foods and she will talk about how holistic nutrition can help you with weight management, energy levels, planing healthy meals, reading food labels and overall health. The summer cooking demo includes a cooking lesson along with taste testing.

Feel free to share this invitation with a friend to enjoy this fun day with like-minded people!


Please RSVP by Wed July 23th.

We look forward to seeing you again this year!


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