We offer full-service online consultation in  homeopathy. Consultations will be through appointments by phone or our telemed platform. Online homeopathic treatment allows you to access the healing potential of homeopathy right from the comfort of your own home or travel location.


Steps for an online consultation:

step 1:

fill out the form in the right side bar providing  below mentioned information.

  • a brief description of your complaint,
  • your country and nearest city and/or time-zone,
  • generally available days and hours in your local time-zone,
  • your preferred connection method.

you will be contacted as soon as possible to schedule an online appointment.  And the link for our online meeting will be provided. After we set up the appointment time then follow the rest of steps.

Step 2:

download the intake forms. fill them out and email them to info@classicalhomeopath.ca   24 hours before your consultation.

Intake forms:

Children:  PDF form

Adults: PDF form

Agreement: PDF form

Please download, complete and send in-take forms to info@classicalhomeopath.ca




Find the type of your visit and fee, make the payment via paypal.  click here to continue with the payment. 

Canadian clients can e-transfer the fees to “info@classicalhomeopath.ca”.



After our online meeting, you will receive your treatment plan. the remedies will be mailed in case they are  not available in your local pharmacies.



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