What is a Facial Analysis ?

Dr.Schuessler discovered that the lack of minerals can be seen on the face and body signs. Facial signs are linked to disturbances and disharmony in the balance of minerals in the body. As we grow older, healthier cells are replaced by malnourished cells and more distinct lines on our face become prominent. In facial analysis there is a  meaning behind these lines. Through facial analysis the mineral imbalances and deficiencies will be diagnosed and individual treatment plan will be provided.


How does an online facial analysis work?

Step 1:

fill out the form in the right side providing  below mentioned information.

  • a brief description of your complaint,
  • your country and nearest city and/or time-zone,
  • generally available days and hours in your local time-zone,
  • your preferred connection method.

you will be contacted as soon as possible to schedule an appointment via phone.

To know more about using Skype, click here.



Download the intake form.(PDF form). fill the forms in. email your forms along with a high quality portrait picture of yourself (without any make up) to info@classicalhomeopath.ca   48 hours before your consultation.


Step 3:

make the payment ( $75) via paypal.  click here to continue with the payment.



you will receive a descriptive analysis as well as a treatment plan with cell salts.



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