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Homeopathic Visit





Initial visit

the initial consultation with the Homoeopath will be approximately 2 hours in duration. During the first visit, a Homeopath will take the full history of physical symptoms as well as mental-emotional state of the patient. This in depth process will allow the Homeopath to understand the pattern of manifestation of symptoms in order to address the underlying cause of the health issues. After the initial consultation the Homeopath will work on your individual case in depth.

First follow up is included with the initial visit.


90-120  mins.

Initial Visit
(Pediatric & Senior)


60-90 mins.

The pediatric/senior initial visit includes a detailed health history, complaint oriented physical exam and an individualized treatment plan.

First follow up is included with the initial visit.

Facial analysis visit


30 mints

Facial analysis visits includes a brief history  taking as well as analyzing the facial signs. Individual based treatment plan for Biochemic cell salts will be prescribed based on mineral deficiencies of each individual.

Follow Up Visits


45 mins.

A reassessment of chief concerns and progression to the next phase of treatment is discussed during follow up visits.



30 mins.

These consults can be done over the phone or in the office and can include concerns such as: cold and flus, ear or sinus infections, travel prevention, back pain and urinary tract infections, injuries,etc.

Well Check Up Visits


20 mins.

These visits are booked in between follow up visits, to address any questions or new concerns to discuss.


*Tax is not included in consultation fees.

*Homeopathy is covered by many extended health care plans including: Blue Cross, Green Shield, Liberty Health, Maritime Life, Sun life and more. Check with your extended health insurance provider to find out if you can get reimbursed for your Homeopathic care.