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Meet Our Homeopath, Q & A with Mahsa Asasi, Classical Homeopath


Q. 1. What makes you different from a Naturopathic Doctor?

A Naturopathic Doctor studies different modalities in their program so they become similar to a general practitioner in Alternative medicine and advise patients on their lifestyle, nutrition, herbal and natural supplements or general homeopathic protocols. A Homeopath studies homeopathy in depth and specializes in this science. Homeopaths recommend an individualized treatment plan with homoeopathic medicine in efforts to stimulate the body’s own healing power to recover itself.


Q. 2. Why do you choose to practice Classical Homoeopathy?

During the time I was studying for the last year of my doctorate of Pharmacy program, I realized that I had a higher calling to help patients in a more holistic way without unnecessary side effects. After I discovered homoeopathy, l was so impressed by its theory, philosophy and concept. I found homoeopathy a combination of art and science that respects the body’s natural strength and wisdom. The more I studied about Homoeopathy, the more I was convinced that this was the best way I could help people to live a healthier life.

Q. 3. Can you share a case that had an effect on you?

During my 16 years of homeopathic practice, I have witnessed many successful results that have always motivated me to continue practicing in this way. However, I always remember one case that was referred to me. This patient had severe fatigue symptoms and was unable to work because of his symptoms. This also affected his life and family situation. After we started treatments, not only did his symptoms improve but he returned to a normal life. As well, infertility of many years resolved after a couple of months of treatment. The couple later named their daughter after me to express their gratitude with homeopathy.

Q. 4. What is the feedback that you’ve been receiving from your Homeopathic Workshops?

I have received lots of positive feedback from the course. Most attendees found the information useful for everyday events in life. The most recent, was one of an a attendee letting me know how homeopathic medicine for insect bites (which she learned from attending a workshop) had helped her with an allergic reaction to bug bites while on vacation. She usually experience headaches, digestive disturbances and fatigue and was prescribed an Epi-pen for severe reactions in the past. However, one dose of a homeopathic remedy learned in class, cleared all of her symptoms in 20 mins!

Q. 5. Who would you recommend this workshop to?

This workshop helps almost everyone in their daily life events. The first session includes: injuries and traumas, burns, insect bites, and motion sickness, is useful for everyone; especially parents, athletes or anyone who travels or is interested in camping. The rest of sessions will cover different conditions from anxiety or sleeping issues to cold and flu or allergies. For patients who suffer from allergies, I will definitely recommend them to take the course this month to help them before the season starts.


Thank you Mahsa!

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