A first-aid kit is an often overlooked item when packing for a vacation or even at home. Some times minor health issues such as injuries, burns, cuts, dental emergencies, stomach upset, jet-lag, cold, motion sickness, etc can turn to a great irritation when you travel or even when you are at home without your first aid supplies.
In this workshop you will learn valuable information about helping yourself and your family naturally and you will be able to prepare your natural/homeopathic kit to have at home, in your car or while traveling!

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Week 1: Natural first aid for injuries, bruises, sprains, cuts, burns, animal/ insect bites, poison ivy and motion sickness. (Sat. Feb 9 )

Week 2:Learn how to prevent and treat the common cold, flu, ear infections and coughs. (Sat. Feb 16)

Week 3: Remedies to treat shock/grief, anxiety/panic attacks, sleep disturbances and jet-lag. (Sat. Feb 23)

Week 4: Learn about specific remedies for allergies, digestive issues,food poisoning, motion sickness.(Sat. March 2 )


Please note that the course will includes a guid book. Should a class be missed, notes will be provided. moreover, homeopathic first aid kits will be available at discounted rates for attendees.


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